Send a parcel from India to the USA

The US is the country with the largest economy in the world, so the number of immigrants to study, live, and work here is increasing day by day. More and more Indians are settling in the US, and this number increases every year, so the demand for items or food from the home country of the expatriates here is also increasing.

If you are in need of sending goods and items from India to the US for your relatives, friends, living and working there, as well as looking for a reputable, reasonably priced shipping service from India to the USA, you are at the right place.

Along with high service quality, and ensuring that the goods are delivered to the recipient in the safest and fastest way, MyXBorder - the leading unit in our country today that specializes in buying foreign goods, transporting and sending parcels from India to the USA – is a practical choice and the perfect solution for you.

Our delivery service that enables you to send couriers to the USA from India provides one of the most convenient shipping. The price list of shipping costs to ship goods from India to the USA at MyXBorder is one of the most competitive prices in the current market.

With the ease of shipping, you can quickly transfer gifts, food, etc to your relatives, friends, and business partners in the US. Our guaranteed service quality and low, competitive freight costs, bring many practical benefits to customers and service users.

MyXBorder India to USA Courier Service

With many years of experience in the field of international shipping in general and shipping to the US in particular, MyXBorder is proud to be the leading prestigious unit that you can rest assured to choose when you wish to send a parcel to the USA from India.

Our objective is to become an intermediary bridge to help domestic consumers quickly access, buy and use prestigious and quality products from famous countries in the world, as well as help transport and send domestic goods and furniture to other countries in the world with cheap, extremely convenient international express delivery services.

Our Shipping Services From India to the USA

Shop N Ship

Shop anywhere from Indian online stores including Amazon India ship to your virtual address in the USA. With MyXBorder, feel the freedom of shipping without restrictions.

Assisted Shop N Ship

Let us shop for you with assisted Purchase Simply tell us what you wish to purchase and we'll handle the rest, be it access to local and online stores or payment related.

Seller Assistance

We also provide seller assistance to cross-border sellers giving them the ability to expand their customer base to every part of the world by utilizing our logistic services with competitive shipping rates.

Note - You will be notified with image links of your items on WhatsApp and emails within 24 hours of arriving at our warehouse. You can verify colour, size, etc. A free refund can be arranged at this stage in case the item has any issues.

What can you ship from India to the USA?

MyXBorder accepts shipping and sending goods from India to the US for all items, unlimited in size and quantity. We always try to improve, expand the service scale as well as diversify our service types to bring the best quality service to satisfy all customers. Our shipping service to the US includes:

  • Shipping and sending personal goods, clothes, and bags to the USA.

  • Receive and send gifts to the US for relatives and friends living, working, and studying in the USA.

  • Shipping and sending goods to the USA with items such as mailing, documents, documents to the US, sending samples, light goods, non-commercial goods.

  • Shipping and sending business goods to the USA: commercial goods - bulk business goods.

  • Send to the USA high-value items such as electronics, technology goods, etc.

  • Shipping all kinds of food items.

  • Receiving and sending to the USA goods that are difficult to clear customs such as food, cosmetics, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

  • Transport fragile, difficult-to-maintain items: dishes, pictures, Buddha statues, statues of God, etc. 

  • Shipping and sending difficult-to-go items such as food items, cosmetics, cigarettes, herbal medicines, western medicines, and traditional medicines to the USA.

Note: We do not accept shipping, goods to the US dangerous goods, fire, explosion, weapons, ammunition, ... prohibited items according to the provisions of the law.

For any questions about shipping to send goods to the USA, please contact MyXBorder to get the most accurate and specific advice from our staff.

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Save up to 70% on international shipments.

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No charges for consolidation , notification and storage.

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Make payments in 135+ currencies. Local Bank transfer option for EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, SGD, HUF, NZD, TRY

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Get your items delivered as fast as 4-7 days.

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Why trust MyXBorder for shipping your parcel from India to USA?

MyXBorder is a reliable partner in cross-border shipping providing the most economical packages for international shipping. Be sure that your packages will arrive quickly and safely wherever you send them across the globe. 

When you get in touch with us, you get professional help with the logistics of buying. Take advantage of prompt deliveries and convenient order tracking on your India to USA shipping.

Also, now purchasing from your preferred Indian brands is not a huge deal. From the convenience of your own home, shop from all Indian brands. Receive affordable shipping costs and other professional services exclusively from us.

Benefits of using MyXBorder for India to USA shipping

Discover the many advantages you receive from using MyXBorder for your parcel shipping from India to USA:

  • On our website, anyone can quickly create an account, make purchases, send them, pay in the currency of their choice, track delivery, and choose from a variety of package options. 

  • Customers are our primary concern, which is one of the reasons we make every effort to meet their demands by offering timely, high-quality services.

  • We alter every box heading to USA, which considerably lowers the shipping costs by up to 80%.

  • We provide reasonable rates for international shipments as well as country-specific discounts.

  • You can import items from India in bulk.

How we facilitate shipping from India to USA?

You can send a parcel from India to USA by following these simple steps. Let's get going.

  • Making an account on our site is the initial step in the procedure. 

  • Our shipping business provides our clients all over the world with a wide array of comprehensive services. 

  • You must register on our platform and create an account in order to take advantage of shipping from India to USA or make online purchases from India. 

  • You can shop and mail your goods to our Indian warehouse. Additionally, you can use our pick-up services, which are offered in a number of cities across the nation.

  • The nicest thing about our services is the affordable shipping we provide. You would assume that since we are a shipping firm, we would charge a lot but that’s not the case here. You don’t have to worry about high shipping charges from USA to India. Customers can mail or receive parcel from India to USA using our platform for a fair fee. 

  • Your orders are packed and combined by our team, saving you money on shipping and courier. 

  • We will send your courier from India to USA once your payment obligations are satisfied. 

  • Order tracking is equally straightforward. You may track your shipping through the user dashboard after the order has been sent. 

  • The order will reach you within 3-8 business days. The delivery time for India to USA shipping will mainly depend on your exact location in the country.

Our valued customers receive a variety of extra services in addition to our shipping services from India to USA.





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