Myntra delivery to the UK

7 October, 2021

Shipping to the UK with traditional couriers remains uncertain. Costs increase more and more without control, fuel surcharge, customs clearance costs, additional costs for incorrect addresses or inventories. Not to mention the customs services, which are not always 100% managed by the public postal service. The only certainty is the final delay of the shipment which can make the difference between an excellent relationship with the customer abroad and the loss of a new customer. Another if you need to ship a package to a friend or relative in the UK, speed, and assistance in shipping become important factors. Also, if it is necessary to ship a package to the UK to a friend or a relative overseas, the shipping speed becomes an important factor. 

For all such cross-border shipping problems, MyXBorder offers you its international shipping services. Now you can send packages from Indian online stores that do not deliver internationally, such as Myntra, and get them delivered to your overseas address in the UK. Shop for any product available on myntra such as fashion apparel, footwear, jewellery, etc and we will get it shipped and delivered to the UK at the lowest cost possible.

Myntra UK delivery: Our Services

Shop N Ship

At MyXBorder, we offer you to shop from India’s most popular and most loved E-commerce websites, including Myntra. Thereafter, we help you get your orders delivered safely and correctly to your overseas address in the UK.

Assisted Shop N Ship

Facing troubles accessing Myntra in the UK or having payment issues, we offer you our shopping assistance in shopping through our assisted shop and ship services wherein we shop and make payments to the seller on your behalf.

Seller Assistance

If you are a seller on Myntra, or any other e-commerce website or social media that needs to sell their products in the UK, we provide you seller assistance for selling your products outside of India with our cross-border shipping solutions.

Myntra delivery to the UK: What we offer

Complete security of every shipment.

At MyXBorder we take utmost care of the shipments to provide them with maximum security and avoid any damage during transit. The entire process from receipt to delivery is handled by us directly without involving any intermediaries. We also have a strong control and monitoring system throughout the process, until the package reaches the receiver. 

Exceptional delivery speed and lowest shipment costs

Thanks to our strong operational structure, our delivery times are the best in the market.

Through consolidated shipping, we are able to offer you the lowest possible shipping rates.

Tracking system for your order.

You can directly see through our website where your shipment is and track it. You will be notified with image links of your items on WhatsApp and emails within 24 hours of arriving at our warehouse. You can verify colour, size, etc. The free refund can be arranged at this stage in case the item has any issues.

FAQs About Myntra Delivery in the UK

Can I send multiple packages for Myntra delivery to the UK?

Yes, through our platform you can send multiple packages to the UK or any other destination with a single order which helps to save up to 80% in shipping. We combine multiple packages from different eCommerce platforms including Myntra in one box and deliver them to your doorstep in the UK. For users who are in the business of selling, we directly deliver the product to their customer’s doorsteps without any extra charge (except estimated cost*).

Which is the best company to ship my Myntra delivery in the UK?

If you want to send Myntra delivery to the UK, MyXBorder offers you the most economical and efficient solutions. Whether you send packages to the UK regularly or have a one-off shipment, our negotiated rates will save you money when shipping your packages. We are experts in finding the best shipping solutions for your needs. We work only with the most trusted courier companies to make sure your shipments are in safe hands.

Can I track my packages from Myntra India for delivery in the UK?

Yes, get guaranteed online tracking for your packages from Myntra to be delivered in the UK.  We also notify you with pictures of your order once it is received at our warehouse. You can verify colour, size, etc. A free refund can be arranged at this stage in case the item has any issues.

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