Flipkart delivery to Australia

One of India's leading online retailers, Flipkart is well known for providing substantial discounts on both domestic and imported goods in addition to a wide range of product categories. 

Unfortunately, Flipkart is only available in India, so Indians who live overseas or with their friends and family are unable to take advantage of the incredible discounts and great deals that Flipkart offers. However, now people who don't live in India no longer have to miss out on Flipkart's amazing deals, thanks to MyXBorder.

Flipkart delivery to Australia is now easy. If you want to send gifts or packages to your relatives or family in Australia, after shopping through Flipkart, we take your orders and deliver them to your doorstep in Australia at significantly low shipping charges.

Services we provide for cross-border shipping to Australia:

  • Shop N Ship : We’ll help you shop from India’s leading online stores, including Flipkart, store your orders at our warehouses, and deliver them to your doorstep, in the country you‘re residing.

  • Assisted Shop N Ship : Sometimes you may have problems with placing orders and making payments with your cards, then we’ll help you. Along with helping you with the entire shipping process, we can also place orders for you on Flipkart or handle payments for you on your behalf. The payments are accepted in your home currency at MyXBorder.

  • Seller’s Assistance : We provide you with seller’s assistance for selling your products in Australia through any Indian e-commerce site or your own website. 

What will be the process for order from Flipkart shipping to Australia?

Regarding the shipping to Australia process, there is nothing to be concerned about. Here, we are simplifying the entire process for you. You have to follow the given steps to start your shipping process through MyXBorder:

  • Register yourself by making an account on your website.
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Shop on Flipkart and fill in the virtual address provided by us as the address for delivery.
  • Your orders will arrive and be safely stored in our warehouses which are at different locations in the main cities in India.
  • You’ll get clear images of your orders via Whatsapp and Email within 24 hours of order arrival at our warehouse.
  • Refunds can be arranged at this stage if the product has any issues.

After your confirmation, you can make payments for shipment in your currency and the shipment process will immediately start. 

Note- If you’re having issues in making payments on Indian e-commerce sites including Flipkart, we’ll pay on your behalf through our Assisted Shop N Ship service.

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Why choose MyXBorder for your Flipkart delivery to Australia?

Due to migration and globalization, there is considerable growth in the need for parcel shipping and deliveries across international borders nowadays. However, cross-border shipping can be difficult when online stores or sites don't offer international delivery, and it will only be expensive if you do decide to ship abroad.

You can send your Flipkart orders to Australia using the services designed specifically for this purpose by MyXBorder. We constantly work to offer our customers the best solutions and conveniences to send gifts to family members in Australia.

Advantages you get with MyXBorder:

  • Get up to an 80% reduction in shipping charges.
  • Storing your orders at our warehouses for up to 30 days totally free of cost.
  • Repackaging and consolidation of your packages.
  • Discounts on country-specific deliveries.
  • Fast and safe delivery within 5-8 days.
  • Ensuring customs services documents and all legal formalities in cross-border shipping. 
  • Tracking the orders on the website. 

What more do you need now? Get timely delivery of your orders to Australia through our incredibly transparent and convenient shipping process. Connect with us now and start shopping!





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