Flipkart Delivery in the UAE

29 September, 2021

Flipkart is one of the leading e-commerce shopping sites loved by all Indians. And why not! It always offers amazing deals to its users and is also a platform for new product launches. The much-awaited sales by Flipkart wherein it offers huge discounts on a wide range of product categories and several national and international brands helps people save extra cash. It launches many sales every now and then and some of them are so great you simply cannot afford to miss them. But these great offers by Flipkart can only be enjoyed by people living in India and Flipkart does not ship outside India. That was before MyXBorder came to the rescue.

If you are someone who loves shopping on Flipkart but needs to send Flipkart delivery to the UAE, or if you are an NRI residing in the UAE who wants to take advantage of offers by Flipkart, we can help you. At MyXBorder, we can ship your Flipkart orders to the UAE at minimum costs. You can shop from Flipkart’s wide range of product categories including clothing, footwear, fashion jewellery, electronics, home appliances, toys, etc, and we will deliver your orders at your overseas address in the UAE. We do this in a very safe and secure manner, ensuring that your orders are delivered with complete safety at your doorstep. With MyXBorder, you will never have to miss out again on the humongous sales and discounts offered by Flipkart and get your order delivered hassle-free in the UAE.

Flipkart Delivery to the UAE: Our Services

Shop N Ship

At MyXBorder, we offer you to shop from India’s most popular E-commerce websites, including the eCommerce giant Flipkart, and help you get your orders delivered safely and to your overseas address in the UAE.

Assisted Shop N Ship

If you are facing troubles accessing Flipkart or your favourite e-commerce website from UAE or having payment issues, we offer you our assistance in shopping through our assisted shop and ship services wherein we will shop on your behalf.

Seller Assistance

If you are a seller on Flipkart, or any other e-commerce website or social media that needs to sell their products in the UAE, we provide you seller assistance for selling your products outside of India with our cross-border shipping solutions.

Flipkart delivery to the UAE - What we offer

Forwarding services

We inspect, verify, photograph/scan, store, collect and repackage your items. We even take care of customs processes.

Fast and safe shipping

We always make sure that your items will be protected for your long international journey. Your Flipkart orders to the UAE are usually delivered in 2-6 business days.

Transparency in Shipping Costs

WE help you calculate your shipping costs before buying. Shipping with us is easy, transparent and you will be able to see all the charges; no hidden fees, no surprises.

Low costs

Simple and transparent cost structure. We reduce your packaging sizes for free, saving you shipping costs. We consolidate for free, so you send a single package for multiple items.

Order tracking

You can track your order at our website at any point in time. You will be notified with image links of your items on WhatsApp and emails within 24 hours of arriving at our warehouse. You can verify colour, size, etc. The free refund can be arranged at this stage in case the item has any issues.

Why Choose MyXBorder for Flipkart UAE Online Shopping Delivery?

The need for parcel shipments and deliveries between different countries in the world has increased significantly today due to migration and globalization. But cross-border shipping often is a problem when online stores do not deliver to other countries, and if you choose to ship internationally, it certainly doesn’t come cheap.

MyXBorder allows you to receive your orders and buy any product from Indian online stores such as Flipkart, wherever you are in the world! We deliver on this promise by providing you with an Indian shipping address, individual customer support, and package forwarding service. We buy, pay, verify, photograph, store, collect, repackage, ship your items, and take care of customs procedures and preparation of customs documents.

Our benefits:

  • Reduce international shipping costs 

  • Safety and security of packages

  • Improved shipping quality

  • Superior experience for our customers

  • Reduce efforts through automated shop and ship services

FAQs About Flipkart delivery to the UAE

What kind of shipping charges can I expect at MyXBorder for my Flipkart delivery to the UAE?

At MyXBorder, we understand that international shipping or cross-border shipping isn’t cheap and not everyone is willing to pay high prices for the delivery of their orders to another country. Hence, we offer you our shop and ship services at the best possible prices. We take advantage of package consolidation to reduce your shipping charges so that you get the best deal. If you want to know the shipping cost for your package, please contact us and we will advise and support you wholeheartedly.

What kind of things can I ship from Flipkart to the UAE?

You can shop from a variety of items available on Flipkart and ship to your overseas address in the UAE. At Flipkart, you can shop and ship a variety of products across most of the categories such as clothing, footwear, accessories, electronics items, home appliances, etc. You can also shop from several other Indian online stores as well as local stores and we will ship them to the UAE for you. 

Why should I choose MyXBorder for parcel shipping to the USA from India?

At MyXBorder, it is our mission to offer our customers a reliable, fast, and affordable global parcel forwarding service as well as comprehensive logistics services. Our shop and ship services help you shop from all the major Indian shopping websites as well as local stores and ship them to your overseas address with utmost safety. We reduce your packaging sizes for free, and consolidate them, helping you save your shipping costs.

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