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Are you looking for a reliable Meesho international shipping company to transfer your Meesho products overseas? Meesho is one of the leading sellers of a wide range of products, including jewellery, accessories, clothing and other home appliances in India. Whether you want to ship or purchase your favourite things from Meesho, MyXBorder is here to help with your Meesho international delivery. Thanks to us, Meesho international shipping will be quite easy.

Who are we?

MyXBorder is a shipping company that enables and delivers online purchases made from Indian digital marketplaces to you. You can shop as much as you like from the comfort of your home using our services. No matter which country you reside in, the orders will be delivered to your exact address in no time. We want to offer our customers comfortable and convenient shopping experiences all over the world.

Look at the shipping process available at MyXBorder to see how it works.

Our services: Steps to follow

Shop N Ship

If you don’t have an account on Meesho, using our Shop N Ship service, you can purchase items and get them shipped to the address abroad. 

  1. Sign up for no cost to receive your virtual Indian address.
  2. Shop on Meesho and enter your Indian virtual address as the location where the items will be delivered.
  3. As soon as your products arrive at our warehouse, we'll let you know via WhatsApp or email.
  4. Your Meesho shipping will be started, once all of your orders have been received.
  5. We will package all things together for the most affordable international shipping option, and we'll let you know how much it will cost to send everything.

You can utilise the Assisted Shop N Ship service if you don't have an account with Meesho and get your orders shipped internationally.

Assisted SHOP N SHIP

  • Sign up with us for start your meesho international shipping.
  • Choose your product from Indian e-commerce websites or from neighbourhood shops.
  • Share the item's details or the URL of the things you want to purchase online through our "Assisted Shop N Ship" area (if your item is not available on Meesho).
  • We will send you the payment link and the information about your item(s) (for confirmation).
  • As soon as you pay for your things, we will buy them and let you know (through email or WhatsApp) when they arrive at our warehouse.
  • As soon as all of your things have been delivered, we will combine them into the most affordable overseas shipping package and let you know how much shipping will cost.
  • We'll send the package once you've completed the online payment process on our website.
  • Using the tracking number, you can monitor the shipment until your Meesho international delivery to your address in 3–8 days.

Note- We also provide Seller’s assistance to sellers who want to sell their goods or products on Indian eCommerce sites or their own website to foreign consumers. To learn more about this, get in touch with us.

Offers from MyXBorder

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Why choose MyXBorder for international delivery?

Meesho offers the lowest prices across the board, but customers may be concerned about the length of its shipping process, which takes many days. Exhaustingly long delivery periods, expensive tariffs, and having to deal with taxes are additional issues associated with international shipping. 

MyXBorder offers you convenient ways to shop from the comfort of your home and sends your orders promptly and safely to your destination abroad. When shipping with us, you don't have to worry about delivery time, safety, authenticity, or extra expenses. Additionally, we provide assistance in shopping, making payments and selling your own goods on any Indian eCommerce platform.

We safely store your orders in our warehouses, ship them after proper consolidation, which reduces the shipping charges to a minimum, and deliver the packages to your doorstep, all within 3-8 working days. We are able to do so with such high accuracy because of our wide logistics network and high customer reliability across the globe, which we have gained through our continuous efforts over the years. 

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