Myntra Shipping To Canada

If you are constantly wondering does myntra deliver to Canada or how I can shop from my favorite brands on Myntra, then you can put a full stop to all your questions and queries as we have a perfect solution for you. What if we tell you that your favorite Indian brands and their products are now within your reach? What if we advise you that you can shop to your heart's desire for yourself and your loved ones? Yes, all of this is true and has been made possible through our efforts and little initiative. 

Are you still wondering? Let us jump to the point.

Who Are We?

MyXBorder is a shipping company that enables people outside India to shop from their favorite brands on several Indian digital platforms such as Myntra and facilitates their shipping abroad. Since direct myntra delivery to Canada is not something that Indians and other people sitting there enjoy, our company ensures you do not miss shopping from here. We at MyXBorder strive to make online and offline shopping from India more accessible and convenient. Our customers are based in various parts of the world and enjoy our shipping and other services at the most economical prices. 

If things are still unclear, let us help you out. 

Myntra Shipping To Canada Is Now Simpler

Here are some simple steps you need to follow to enjoy superfast myntra shipping to Canada. These include: 

  • Visit the MyXBorder page and create an account
  • Choose to shop from various Indian brands and digital marketplaces and select your favorite products. Since most of these sites do not offer international delivery, we will provide you with a virtual address that you can put down in the address box. 
  • This virtual address is of the warehouse that we have in India. All your deliverables will be stored there. You also get the liberty to keep them for up to a month. 
  • The next step entails making payments. If you do not have a valid international credit card or are facing difficulty making payments, we can do so from your end, and you can pay us in your home currency. 
  • Once the payment is clear, your deliverables and orders will be packed and consolidated so that you do not have to pay much for shipping. 
  • Once we ship your order, you can track the shipment from the website itself. You can expect your order to reach you in 5-11 days. 

How Do We Further Simplify Things?

We offer a range of services to our customers to further simplify their shopping experience. These services entail:

  • Shop N Ship: Shop from your favorite Indian brands and choose your desired products without worrying about shipping. We have made the impossible possible with our services. Be assured of safe and super fast international shipping when you shop through MyXBorder. Our company facilitates international shipping of Indian products, so now you can shop online and offline as much as you like from India. 
  • Assisted Shop N Ship: This service was specially designed for those customers who find it hard to make online payments through their international credit card or prefer to pay in their home currency. When you choose this service, we make payments to the brands from our end and accept payments from you in your home currency. It doesn't get easier than this. So enjoy shopping and payment assistance from our team. 

Besides Shop N Ship and Assisted Shop N Ship, we also provide seller assistance services and warehouse facilities to our customers. Our mission as a shipping company is to simplify the customer shopping experience to the maximum and reduce shipping charges significantly through economical and consolidated order packaging. 

Note - If you have an account with Indian E-commerce websites, you can use our Shop N Ship service. If you don't have an account with Indian E-commerce websites, you can use Assisted Shop N Ship service. 

We think it is safe to assume that you have the answer to your recurring question - does myntra deliver to Canada?

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Why Choose MyXBorder For Myntra Shipping To Canada?

  • When looking for myntra shipping to Canada, do not look elsewhere as we provide the most professional assistance with shopping and international shipping. 
  • Our company lets you shop from the comfort of your home and facilitates quick overseas deliveries. 
  • Now you do not need to miss out on the products from your favorite Indian brands and enjoy reasonable shipping rates.
  • We offer the most economical cross-border shipping rates, which is amazing for a shipping company. 
  • We accept payments in various currencies, so you do not need to worry if you do not have an international credit card or are facing difficulty. 
  • We ensure your deliverables reach you in the safest and fastest possible manner. 
  • You can also enjoy pick-ups in several locations in India. 

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