Shop from Amazon India and Ship to UAE is one of the favourite international retailers, and for good reason. At MyXBorder you can shop for almost anything from Amazon India and get it to ship to the UAE through our professional courier services. Shop for books, electronic gadgets, Kindle, toys, headphones, clothing, jewelry, cookware and so much more from Amazon India and we will safely get your delivery to UAE. 

You are probably looking to shop on Amazon India for items that are not available locally in the UAE; or that they might be available, but at a higher price. Also, shipping from India to the UAE can be quite expensive, especially if you do not know what the import taxes and fees are going to be. Other than this, there is also a possibility that Amazon delivery might not be available in the UAE. 

Amazon India delivery to UAE : Our Services

Shop N Ship

Shop anywhere from Indian online stores including Amazon India ship to your virtual address in India. With MyXBorder, feel the freedom of shipping without restrictions.

Assisted Shop N Ship

Let us shop for you with assisted purchase Simply tell us what you wish to purchase and we'll handle the rest, be it access to local and online stores or payment related.

Seller Assistance

We also provide seller assistance to cross border sellers giving them the ability to expand their customer base to every part of the world by utilizing our logistic services with competitive shipping rates.

Cheapest international shipping rates to shop and ship from Amazon India To UAE

Overseas shipping charges are based on volumetric weight. This means the more space an order takes up on an airplane, the more expensive the shipping fee will be. Amazon is known for using large boxes for small items and for shipping multiple items in multiple boxes. Other merchants may not optimize their packaging either. This can leave you with a big international shipping cost.

With MyXBorder, you have a few ways to save big on international shipping fees to the UAE:

  • You can consolidate your orders and ship them all at once. That way, you only pay the first 0.5 kg once, which is the most expensive portion of any shipping fee.

  • You can store your orders in our warehouse duty-free for 30 days to maximize your consolidation advantage.

  • You can take advantage of free repacking to save on volumetric weight (although we won't put all your orders in 1 box) and lower your shipping cost.

Note - You will be notified with image links of your items on WhatsApp and emails within 24 hours of arriving at our warehouse. You can verify colour, size, etc. Free refund can be arranged at this stage in case the item has any issues.


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Why Choose MyXBorder for Amazon India delivery to UAE

You will save a lot of money with MyXBorder as we have a wide variety of shipping options from India to the UAE. Customers from the UAE love that MyXBorder helps them to get great deals at Amazon India in several categories such as electronics, clothing, makeup, jewellery, accessories, cell phones, perfumes, books, and a lot more! This means additional savings on your purchases every time you make a purchase!

At MyXBorder, we work with carriers to get the best prices for shipping your packages from Amazon India to UAE. No matter where you want the shipment to be delivered in the UAE, we can ship your packages for you.

Sign up today for a free Indian address with MyXBorder and start shopping right now. Shop for the latest shoes, clothing, fashions, electronics, headphones, automotive parts, and makeup from Amazon, and leave its delivery to the UAE to us.





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