Amazon India delivery to the UK

18 September, 2021

Shopping on Amazon is very popular with consumers around the world because of the variety of goods, along with the safety of product quality. However, one drawback of Amazon is that it does not offer shipping of parcels internationally from one country to another. At MyXBorder we help your Amazon parcels deliver quickly, safely and conveniently to the UK and other countries of your choice.

Amazon India has a variety of local and indigenous products that are only available in India. In such a case, it becomes difficult for the Indians living in the UK to get access to these local products and that too at such great prices offered by Amazon. It is also possible that these products are available in the UK but at prices that are much higher than in India. It does not make sense to spend a huge sum of money on something that is available for much cheaper elsewhere. International shipping can also get quite expensive cross borders owing to import duty and taxes. 

This is where MyXBorder comes to your aid and handles international shipping for you. We also help you shop with our Assisted Shopping service.

Amazon India delivery to the UK : Our Services

Shop N Ship

With MyXBorder, you can Shop from any of the Indian E-commerce websites, including  the US giant Amazon and get it delivered safely and securely to your overseas address.

Assisted Shop N Ship

Whether you are having trouble accessing any Indian E-commerce websites or facing issues in making payments, MyXBorder will assist you in everything when shopping from India.

Seller Assistance

We also provide seller assistance to cross border sellers giving them the ability to expand their customer base to every part of the world by utilizing our logistic services with competitive shipping rates.

Why Choose MyXBorder for Amazon shipping to the UK?

Amazon has one of the lowest prices in online stores in several categories. And while we love to shop from Amazon we can only enjoy its great deals in the country we live in. Generally, we find that they do not carry out international shipments and do not ship. International shipping is also subjected to unbearably long delivery times, high tariffs and the need to deal with taxes.

MyXBorder helps shoppers around the world to acquire what they want online without restrictions. Our international cargo consolidation and forwarding service facilitates the purchase and shipping of online store products without relicensing shipments to your country. With our service, you will never fall short of exclusive local offerings available on Amazon India and other local online stores.

At MyXBorder, we understand the need of international users to have a great shopping experience and fast delivery, reasonable and without complications. Therefore, we offer the package consolidation and repackaging, shopping assistant, shipping value protection, and so much more at the best possible prices.

We also understand the importance of having a reliable shipment. We have dedicated years to consolidating alliances with some of the world's leading shipping companies which has enabled us to obtain a safe and punctual delivery at preferential prices with follow-up information at each stage of the tour.

MyXBorder Benefits:

  • Economic rates

We work without rest to guarantee the best shipping rates

  • Reliable & Fast

Less time buying means more time enjoying your new acquisitions

  • Purchasing Assistant

Our Assisted shop and ship feature helps you provide exclusive seller assistance.

Note - You will be notified with image links of your items on WhatsApp and emails within 24 hours of arriving at our warehouse. You can verify colour, size, etc. Free refund can be arranged at this stage in case the item has any issues.

FAQs About Amazon India Delivery to the UK

How is Amazon India delivery to the UK offered at cheaper prices?

At MyXBorder, we use a consolidated shipping method to provide shipment at the best possible prices. Your orders from Amazon India may arrive at our warehouses in disproportionately sized boxes with a lot of unnecessary packing materials which tends to increase the volumetric weight of your package. This leads to higher shipping costs which can easily be reduced. 

Consolidation of packages, on the other hand, helps save up to 80% in shipping weight. This is done by transferring and combining the contents of multiple packages to a single box or bag of the lowest possible volumetric weight which reduces the overall shipping costs.

What all items from Amazon can be directly shipped to the UK?

You can shop for almost any item available on Amazon India and MyXBorder will deliver it safely and securely to your destination in the UK. Amazon has a wide variety of product categories that include clothing, footwear, accessories, jewellery, local handicrafts, festive goods, etc. With MyXBorder, you can shop for any of the items available on Amazon to directly ship to the UK.

Do you accept Cash on Delivery shipments for Amazon shipping to the UK?

Sorry, we don’t accept cash on delivery. You can make online payment from the methods available to you and once we receive the payment and approve it, we proceed on to shipping your Amazon package to the UK.

What is the expected time of delivery of my Amazon shipment to the UK?

Shipping to the UK and other European countries usually takes about 5-7 working days after we receive the payment for the shipment. We also have Pickup services for international shipments that take 2-3 days after receiving shipment payments. Once the pickup is done, your shipment time to the detaination is applicable.

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