10 February, 2022 is one of the preferred online shopping websites internationally,  no doubt. At MyXBorder, you are free to shop anything from Amazon India and get it shipped to Australia through our huge logistics network. You can shop for toys, clothing, hardware, jewelry, cookware, or anything you wish from Amazon India and we will safely deliver it to your loved ones in Australia. 

You are apparently looking for items on Amazon India that are not available locally in Australia, or might be available but are much costlier than expected. Your favorite Indian brands which are not easily available in Australia and those which are can be far less expensive in India but Amazon India does not ship directly to international addresses. This is where MyX Border comes into action. You can shop for anything from Amazon India and get your orders delivered to our virtual address. We will then consolidate them and ship them to Australia from India. 

Amazon India delivery to Australia: Our services  

Shop N Ship

Shop anything from any Indian online store including Amazon India and let it ship to the virtual address in India, provided by us. With MyXBorder services and guidance, be relaxed about shipping your order to your place in Australia.

Assisted Shop N Ship

If you don’t have an account with Amazon India, but would like to shop from Amazon India and get it delivered to your address in Australia, let us shop for you and we will then deliver it to Australia. Simply let us know what you wish to purchase and we'll handle the rest, be it access to local markets or online stores or even payment-related issues.

Seller Assistance

We also provide seller assistance to cross-border sellers giving them the ability to broaden their customer base to every part of the world by utilizing our logistic services with competitive shipping rates. 

Affordable international shipping charges for delivering the items from Amazon India to Australia 

Shipments from India to Australia can be extravagant, especially when you are unaware of the import taxes and fees. Overseas shipment charges are determined as per the order’s volumetric weight. This simply means the more space your order takes up on the airplane, the more expensive the shipping rates will be. Amazon generally uses large boxes for small items and multiple boxes for multiple items, also other retailers can not optimize their packaging either. This will ultimately leave you with a big international shipping cost.

With MyXBorder, you can save big on international shipping charges to Australia in the following ways:-

  • You can consolidate a number of orders and ship them all at once. This will allow you to only pay the first 0.5 kg once, which is considered the most expensive portion of any shipping fee.
  • You can have the leverage of storing your orders in our warehouse duty-free for 30 days in order to maximize your consolidation benefit.
  • You can have the advantage of free repacking to save on volumetric weight (although we won't put all your orders in 1 box) and lower your shipping cost.

Note - You will be notified with image links of your goods on WhatsApp and email within 24 hours of arriving at our warehouse. You can cross-check the color, size, etc. of the material.  

Why Choose MyXBorder for Amazon India delivery to Australia

With MyXBorder you will save a good sum of money as we have a wide variety of shipping options from India to Australia. Customers from Australia really love that MyXBorder helps them to harness great deals at Amazon India in various categories such as electronics, clothing, makeup, jewelry, accessories, cell phones, perfumes, books, and many more. This means additional savings on your purchases every time you place an order!

At MyXBorder, we work with a team that provides the best prices for shipping your packages from Amazon India to Australia. No matter where you want the shipment to be delivered in Australia, we will deliver the packages for you.

Sign up today for a free Indian address with MyXBorder and start shopping straight away. Shop for the latest shoes, clothing, fashions, electronics, headphones, automotive parts, and makeup from Amazon India, and leave its delivery to Australia on us. 

FAQs About Amazon India delivery to Australia

How much does it cost to ship a package from Amazon India and get it delivered to Australia?

Shipping charges from India to Australia will totally depend on the shipment, service, weight, and size of your package. In this context, larger packages usually cost more, but at MyXBorder, we provide many shipping options depending upon your budget and schedule.

To know the approximate cost of shipping a package from Amazon India to Australia, you just need to contact us and we will assist and help you with the best shipping price possible. You can also check the price using our price calculator.    

Does MyXBorder offer fast shipping of Amazon India package delivery to Australia?

MyXBorder provides you with the best and fastest shipping options available and possible for your packages to get delivered from Amazon India to Australia. We offer many fast shipping options and can assure you that no other service offers these many options for shipping packages from India to Australia.

Can I buy perfume and cologne from Amazon India and ship them to Australia?

With MyXBorder, it is affordable and easy to ship perfume or cologne which you have purchased from Amazon India to Australia, whether it is for gifts or personal use. Not only perfumes, but you can also shop for almost any item on Amazon India and we will get it delivered safely and securely to your destination in Australia.

Can I shop athletic footwear and apparel from Amazon India and ship them to Australia?

MyXBorder offers many cost-efficient ways to transport athletic shoes, clothing, and all the latest fashions to Australia. You will get a lot of variety and options when you shop from Amazon India including brands such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and much more at great deals, especially during sales. You can shop and ship anything using our courier service at MyXBorder and save on heavy international charges.

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