Shop Your Favorite Indian Saree From Indian Online Stores And Get It Shipped To The USA

Shopping on online websites is highly preferable by consumers from all over the world because of the variety and quality of the materials. Indian online stores offer a variety of indigenous products including the traditional Indian saree, which are mostly accessible in India. This condition creates difficulty for the consumers of the USA who are willing to buy Indian saree. Sometimes, there is a different scenario, there may be the availability of products in the USA but the price range is far higher than that of India. It won’t make any sense to buy these products at higher rates when the same thing is present at many affordable prices somewhere else. International shipping charges may be quite expensive for the trans-border, as it will include the import duty and taxes.

When it comes to international shipping, you will find MyXBorder services will help solve your problem. Our Assisted Shop & Ship service will help you through each and every step. 

Our Services For Indian Saree delivery to the USA

Shop N Ship

With MyXBorder’s magnificent services, you can shop your favorite traditional Indian saree from Indian online sites, and we will take care of the process of your saree shipping to the USA.

Assisted Shop N Ship

In case you are facing any kind of issue in creating an account on the e-commerce website, or while making payments, just relax because MyXBorder will assist you each and every step of the way while shopping for your designer Indian saree from your favorite Indian online store.

Seller Assistance

Our seller assistance services help trans-border sellers by providing them with the ability to widen their consumer base to each and every part of the world by making proper utilization of our proficient logistics services with reasonable shipment charges. 

Reasonable International Shipping Charges for Delivering the Indian Saree From India to the USA 

MyXBorder understands that consumers are generally not aware of the shipping charges and taxes, and hence we take care to make them aware and charge them with affordable shipping rates. Your items’ total volumetric weight will be considered while calculating the total shipping fee imposed on you. The amount of space your product will occupy on the airplane will decide the amount of money to be charged from you. Online retailers deliver small items in large boxes and multiple boxes for multiple items. This will make you pay more than usual.

With our budget-friendly services, you can make big savings on international shipping charges to the USA in the following manner:

  • MyXBorder offers a consolidation service to the consumers, as per which you can consolidate your multiple orders all at once. This consolidation service will charge you for the first 0.5kg once, which is generally the most expensive part of any international shipment charge.
  • Our consumers are welcome to take the benefit of keeping their packages at our warehouse free of cost for 30 days. This allows them to expand their consolidation leverage.
  • MyXBorder also provides a great advantage of free repacking which gives utility to save on volumetric weight and reduce your overall shipment amount.

Note - You will be notified about your packages’ that have been dispatched and the shipment schedules along with the image links of your packages on WhatsApp and emails. You can verify colour, size, brand, etc. In case any issue arises related to any product, immediate action regarding refund will be arranged.

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Why Choose MyXBorder for Indian Saree Shipping to The USA?

Since there are several Indian online shopping sites that are highly adored by consumers all over the world, they do not offer international shipping. Also, international shipment means a longer duration for delivering the items, high tariffs, and huge import tax. 

MyXBorder helps consumers around the world to purchase what they want online without any restrictions. Our international delivery service advances the buying and shipping of Indian saree to the USA without relicensing the shipments. With our great amenities, you will be able to enjoy the exclusive local offerings available in Indian online stores. 

We understand the importance of having an authentic shipment service. We have maintained a successful track record of safe and prompt delivery of products with follow-up details to our consumers, everything at very affordable pricing. 





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