Shipping from India to UK

Finding a reliable courier service from India to UK can be challenging. Also, fuel surcharges, customs clearance fees, and additional shipping charges for wrong addresses or inventories are just a few of the expenditures that may arise during the courier from India to UK. Not to mention the fact that the public postal service does not always completely control the customs services. 

The only thing that can be counted on is the shipment's ultimate delay, which can mean the difference between maintaining a great relationship with a customer abroad and losing a new one. If you need to send something to a friend or relative in the UK, you should also take shipping assistance and timely delivery into account. The need to send a package from abroad to a friend or relative in the UK makes shipping speed even more important. 

You can use MyXBorder's international shipping services to solve any such cross-border shipping issues. Now, you can send packages from Indian online retailers that don't ship worldwide and have them delivered to a UK address. 

Whether you want to send courier from India to UK or products you purchase from any Indian website, including clothing, accessories, jewellery, shoes, or literally anything you want, will be transported and delivered to the UK at the most affordable rate within a span of 3-8 days only. Also, in order to get products from India and ship them to the UK, MyXBorder also helps sellers to sell abroad. We transport a wide range of products from India to the UK for sellers through our seller assistance.

Who are we?

You may shop from your preferred Indian e-commerce sites, from anywhere in the world with MyXBorder, and we'll send parcel from India to UK and have them delivered right to your front door at extremely affordable rates.

Simply put, you don't need to worry about any other issues, like costs, shipping, or anything else during delivery from India to UK. We provide the easiest and most economical courier service from India to UK and deliver your orders on schedule.

Our Seamless Process

Here is everything you need to know about a courier to UK from India. Read below to get started. 

  • The first step of the process is creating an account on our official website. Click on “Create an Account.” 
  • Once your account is created, you can keep adding your deliverables to your user dashboard. 
  • Whether in India or the UK, you can easily send parcels back and forth.
  • The best part about us is we offer consolidated shipping and warehouse services. You can get your orders shipped to our warehouse, where they will be consolidated economically and shipped to you safely. 
  • We also offer various convenient payment options. You can pay us in your home currency, and we will help you make payments. Once all dues are clear, you can track your order. 
  • It is easy to track your order. You will find the “Track Order” option in the user dashboard. 
  • Your order will reach you in 5 to 11 days. 

Sending a parcel from India to UK was never this easy and economical. Learn every step of the process of shipping from India to UK through MyXBorder in detail here.

Shipping From India To UK: Our Services

Shop N Ship

With MyXBorder, you can order anything from any Indian e-commerce site, and have them delivered securely and quickly to an address abroad through our Shop N Ship service.

Assisted Shop N Ship

MyXBorder will help you with everything when you shop from India, regardless of whether you are having trouble accessing any Indian e-commerce websites or running into problems with payments.

Seller Assistance

We also offer cross-border seller assistance, enabling vendors to grow their consumer base globally by utilising our logistic services and affordable shipping costs. Send anything anywhere across the globe using MyXBorder’s services at the most reasonable cross-border shipping rates.

Shipping from India to UK: How to start?

We offer our customers to browse at their convenience among their preferred Indian brands, select the items they want, and store them in our warehouse. We give our clients the option to store their deliverables in our warehouse for a maximum of one month. We also organise pick-ups from numerous sites across the nation. You may be sure that your deliverables will arrive soon no matter where in the world you are. 

You can get the things you want from your preferred Indian companies in just a few easy clicks, and you can take advantage of inexpensive international delivery by following the given steps are as follows:

  • Create an account on MyXBorder and fill it out completely. 

  • We offer a virtual address that may be entered in the address field while buying on Indian websites for everyone who lives outside of India. You can purchase everything you want and have it transported to our warehouse in the country. 

  • We offer our clients access to a warehouse where they can keep their packages for up to a month. 

  • We give you the option to pay us using easy payment methods in your own currency. If you don't have a foreign credit card, we can pay the retailer from our end and request payment from you in the currency of your choice. 

  • Orders are shipped as soon as payment is finalised, and you receive them in 3 to 8 days at your doorstep.

  • Also, from your user dashboard, which is also accessible on our website, you can track your orders easily. 

Offers from MyXBorder

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Why MyXBorder have an edge over other competitors?

You can place orders on Indian e-commerce websites using MyXBorder from anywhere in the world or have orders placed on your behalf. If you are unable to pay, we help you in the payment process and ensure that your items are shipped properly and safely for the least amount of shipping charges possible.

Additionally, there are options for quick delivery to your house and specialised customer support. We also ensure that the products are tested for quality before being shipped by sending you actual pictures of the order and setting up reimbursements in the event that the goods are found to be defective.

We offer you quick and easy options for sending courier from India to UK. In order to assist our customers save even more money, we also provide them with the greatest deal options. 

Here we highlight a few advantages of shipping using MyXBorder:

  • Give your orders a virtual address in India, and we'll store their packages for free for 30 days at our warehouse.

  • Repackaging your order with other orders headed for the same nation will save shipping costs.

  • On-site order tracking is available.

  • Within a week or two, the safe delivery to the final location.

Also, cash on delivery is not an option; we only take online payments. After making the payment, the shipment procedure begins.

Where else might you discover cross-border shipping services from India that are so simple and trustworthy? You can shop sitting in the UK from India in the comfort of your own home and have the item delivered safely and on time to your doorstep, making international shipping absolutely stress-free.

So what are you still holding out for? Start purchasing your favourite items from any Indian e-commerce site, and we guarantee that they will arrive safely and affordably at your UK location.





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