Flipkart International Shipping

Flipkart is the one-stop shop for all of your shopping requirements. Flipkart is renowned for offering huge discounts on both domestic and imported goods as well as a broad selection of product categories. But does Flipkart ship internationally? The answer is no. 

Flipkart is only available in India, Indians who live overseas or their friends and family are unable to take benefit of the incredible deals that Flipkart offers. However, thanks to MyXBorder, you are no longer required to miss such fantastic offers!

MyXBorder specialises in shipping various items, transporting, and delivering packages from India to any location in the world safely and timely. MyXBorder is the top provider of international shipping services in India today and is the best option for you for an affordable flipkart international delivery.

Flipkart International Shipping: Our Services

Shop N Ship

Flipkart is one of the Indian websites where you may shop online and have your items shipped to our warehouse. We bundle them and ship them to your address abroad!

Assisted Shop N Ship

With Assisted Shop N Ship, we will manage your shopping (or payment if needed) on your behalf. We can place orders and also make your payment on Flipkart if you’re having any problems with orders and payments.

Seller assistance

We also offer seller support to international vendors, regardless of whether they sell on their own websites, any social media platforms, Flipkart, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

Benefits of using MyXBorder for Flipkart Worldwide Shipping

  • The Shop N Ship service of MyXBorder gives you a straightforward, economical, and hassle-free experience. Almost all of the main e-commerce sites allow you to shop and have your purchases delivered to your overseas address.

  • You can benefit from reduced prices, quick delivery times, and the best shipping options because of our extensive agreements with top international carriers.

  • If you're having trouble finding what you're looking for or believe you can find it for a lower price but don't know where to look, MyXBorder is your answer! You may find any product in your country at reasonable costs with the assistance of our personal shopper staff.

  • At any moment, you can check the status of your order on our website. Within 24 hours of the goods arriving at our warehouse, you will receive emails and WhatsApp notifications with image links to your items. Verify the colours, size, etc. If the product has any problems, a free return can be arranged now.

  • Store various purchases from various stores at MyXBorder in order to send out a single reshipment.

  • Get the lowest prices for your shipments in India on MyXBorder for all desired locations and weight ranges.

Offers from MyXBorder

Top features


Save up to 70% on international shipments.

No Hidden Charges

No charges for consolidation , notification and storage.

Easy Payment

Make payments in 135+ currencies. Local Bank transfer option for EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, SGD, HUF, NZD, TRY

Smart Tracking

Get your order status on WhatsApp.

4-7 Days

Get your items delivered as fast as 4-7 days.

24/7 Assitance

We are available 24/7.

Reliable Services

Trusted by customers worldwide.

200+ Countries

We ship worldwide

Shipping Rates

Calculate your cost of shipping.

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Why choose MyXBorder for Flipkart international shipping?

MyXBorder is your reliable partner for Flipkart international delivery, providing quick and affordable international shipping to any location abroad. We have years of experience in this field and with the help of our large network, we are able to 

With MyXBorder, you can choose from a large range of shipping choices from India to your country, which will help you save a tonne of money on your Flipkart overseas shipping. Our customers from across the globe appreciate the way MyXBorder enables them to save big on products from Flipkart, including electronics, apparel, cosmetics, jewellery, accessories, cell phones, perfumes, books, and a whole lot more! This means that each time you shop, you will save even more money!

MyXBorder works with reliable shipping companies to negotiate the most affordable rates for sending your packages to ensure easy and safe Flipkart international shipping. We can send your packages for you to any location in your country, regardless of where you want the shipment to be delivered.

Join MyXBorder immediately to receive a free Indian address and start shopping today. Shop for the newest footwear, apparel, accessories, electronics, headphones, beauty, etc on Flipkart and let us handle the delivery.





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