Amazon India Delivery To Canada

Whether you are a regular shopper on Amazon India or want to send parcels from Amazon India to Canada to someone, there may be some questions on your mind… Does Amazon India ship to Canada? The answer is no. Amazon India does not ship to an overseas address.

Can I order from Amazon India to Canada? Yes, definitely! You may not be able to directly shop and ship from Amazon India to Canada but you can still place orders there and get them shipped through an international courier company.

International courier service…Does it seem like a more expensive and lengthy process? Then we tell you that it’s definitely not the case with MyXBorder

We are a leading and reliable international shipping service provider known for our safe and cost-effective shipping process among our large base of customers worldwide.

Amazon India Delivery To Canada: Our Services

After getting to know that Amazon India doesn’t ship to Canada, you’ll be wondering “Can we order from Amazon India to Canada?” And the answer is yes!

We are here to offer a wide range of services for Amazon India shipping to Canada, which include: 

Shop N Ship

If you’re worried about Amazon India shipping to Canada. You just need to register with us to get a virtual address in India, and we will handle the rest. We will pick up your parcel from Amazon at our given address and will consolidate all your items into one shipment to get it delivered to your doorstep in Canada.

Assisted Shop N Ship

If you face trouble getting access to Amazon India or any other Indian eCommerce website, our experts are here to help you with the purchase. MyXBorder will place orders and also make the purchase on your behalf with the Assisted Shop N Ship Services. 

Seller’s Assistance

We also assist sellers across India in reaching a wider audience by assisting them in selling online to their foreign customers.

What process to follow for Amazon India delivery to Canada?

In a few easy steps, you can learn how to buy conveniently and get your items delivered in Canada to your doorstep through MyXBorder.

  • First, create an account on our website.

  • Shop your favourite items on Amazon India or any other Indian e-commerce brand or website.

  • Fill in the virtual address given to you as the delivery address.

  • We will receive your orders in our warehouse and store them for a month for free.

  • After you make the payment, we will start the shipping process instantly. 

  • Your orders will be consolidated and repackaged and shipped after ensuring all legalities, etc.

  • The shipment will reach your country and will be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

All this will take only 3-8 days of time and you will get your favourite items in the comfort of your home from India safely. Also, you also have the option to pay us in your home currency if needed. 

What gives us an edge over other shipping companies?

  • We will repackage your product for safety regardless of how well your vendor packages it. Thus, the delivery of the item in good condition will be guaranteed.  

  • We will inspect all products being shipped internationally. On special request, we can also provide a photo and description of the product via WhatsApp or email within 24 hrs of receiving your orders at our warehouse.

  • Rather than making individual purchases, you can make multiple purchases at the same time. It will reduce shipping costs for you. Then we will collect all of your packages and make Amazon delivery to Canada from India

  • We will consolidate all your packages together which may save you about 80% of extra shipping costs.

  • You can track your orders on the user dashboard on our website.

  • We take care of all the customs clearance and logistics processes. You just have to sit in the comfort of your home and we will deliver your orders within 3-8 business days to your doorstep no matter wherever you live.

The entire process is made simple, quick and convenient through the help of our large network and health associations across the globe. 

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Save up to 70% on international shipments.

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Why Choose MyXBorders For Amazon Delivery In Canada?

MyXBorder is one of the best platforms that offer transparent and reliable shipping services from India across the globe. Customers from other nations can take advantage of our easier and more affordable services. We have exported thousands of goods up to this moment. In addition to our years of shipping expertise, we now provide repackaging and personal shopper support. 

Here are some reasons to choose us: 

  • Qualitative shipping 

  • Affordable shipping cost 

  • Excellent customer experience 

Additionally, we set up pickups from various locations across the nation. Our clients can choose from a number of practical payment options. As a shipping company, our USP continues to be order consolidation and minimally expensive packing. Consequently, you may spend more money on your online purchases and less on shipping abroad. 





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